If you are interested in the diagnosis, investigation and management of your chronic pain, please get in touch with Dr Rajan at The Manchester Pain Clinic.

Simply fill in your details and any other information that is relevant to your condition if you are able and we will get in touch with you in 48 hours.

Medicolegal assessment and rehabilitation referrals are also welcomed and can be accessed simply by filling in your details below. Applicants may be patients or solicitors.

We welcome self-pay customers and aim to make your treatments as affordable and prompt as possible. Insurance backed patients are also very welcome. The relevant insurance company will be invoiced and if referral to our affiliated team is required involving will be from the clinician to the insurer directly.


What our clients say

I wasn’t living, I was merely existing from one painful experience to another, and had very little quality of life. Fortunately I met Dr. J. Rajan.I do believe in angels and miracles and on that day I experienced both.

These injections have done for me what nothing else ever has – been totally successful and have totally relieved my pain.

I now have a quality of life that I have not had for a very long time. I am now not just “Existing” I am “Living” free from pain thanks to Dr Rajan and his team.


Recent Case Study

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